Vernissage le 2 mai 2019 de l'exposition artistique

'Edge to Edge'

Venice Institute of Contemporary Art, 401 South Mesa Street, 90731 San Pedro, Californie, Etats-Unis d'Amérique

16. - 19. APRIL 2020

3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90405

Leo Ferdinando Demetz


Welcome to the website of the Établissement d’Art BANGARTEN

Modern and contemporary art through the lens of history


The Establishment of Fine Arts BANGARTEN, a company operating from Vaduz, Liechtenstein, is the result of a permanent commitment in the field of fine arts, that manifests itself in numerous projects and co-operations. The aim is to investigate and promote forms of representation that provoke and inspire change and that are supported by the creative power of fine arts.


The contemporary artist Roman TRÄXLER, who is working in Vienna, focuses with his paintings on manifestations of violence and strength. His central theme is the human being as an injured, humiliated and abused creature. The idyll of classic painting finds itself radically demystified in his terrifyingly beautiful pictures. Translucent deep blue shades immerse in impressive brushstrokes. Sharp contours suddenly vanish and blurs of red mark a place, that from now on attracts our interest. Bizarre scenes, portraits of children, toys, horses who commit suicide. There is a distressing cynicism.  Nobody can escape this pictorial world. Horror turns into a special fascination in a perfect set-up.


The numerous paintings of the contemporary artist Roman TRÄXLER, Vienna, shown on the website of the Establishment of Fine Arts BANGARTEN, Vaduz, Liechtenstein, are supposed to promote an approach to the complexities and needs of the art market.